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I am the bone of my sword. Steel is my body, and fire is my blood.

Metric Music 2012
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Winter shivers. Frost nips at my heels. I pull down my hoodie and pick up my pace. Your face is frozen timelessly on my mind. I run, I turn, Where to go... Everywhere is only reminders of you...


My Journal is ~friends only~. Add me and I'll likely add you back. [27-04-03]
I'm not fussy about who I befriend so long as you have an open mind and respect others, good chances are, I'll add you back. I don't care about age, sex, religious beliefs nor race.

I like people with a sense of humour. XD


I'm generally pretty bad at leaving comments in friends journals. That is by no means an indication of how much/little I care about you.


I was born in 1900, for real!



Pimpin' the fox! ^_^



Proud to be a